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Book of Shadows

August 2013



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Aug. 29th, 2013


New Community

This community has long been dead but I have a new. exciting community that may be of interest to some of you:

http://psychicstudents.livejournal.com/profile This community focuses on psychic development which for some of you, relates to paganism, I'm sure. Its going to be interactive. Ought to be a lot of fun. Please check it out and enjoy!

Jun. 15th, 2012




Long time no speak!!! I hope all of you are well. Well, though this community is no longer active, I was still hoping that someone may be watching and willing to share their experiences with me concerning crystals. I have always tended to dismiss them as useless but have recently purchased some and feel that they are certainly clarifying my dreams and thoughts and I haven't even tried to work with them yet magically or intuitively so I'm very excited to see what that will be like. But being that I don't know much about it, I am soooooo curious to hear about YOUR work with crystals, any advice you may have, and about your positive and perhaps even negative experiences in your work with them.
Lark aka Melissa

Apr. 13th, 2011


The Psychic in You

MM Everyone!

So I think that as divination is often a part of our various pagan beliefs that this would interest you and maybe some of you will even want to join in with me and report your experiences.

I've been reading "The Psychic in You" by Jeffery Wands. I've read it before but chose not to try to develop my (minor) psychic abilities at that time. However, I decided a little over a week ago to try and already some stuff has happened. My exercises so far have included meditation, visualization of a room in which loved ones that have passed can come to visit, as well as brow chakra work and dream recording and analyzing.

The results??? After only a weeks time of doing these exercises I was able to (on the minor end of psychic "coincidences" (which the book recommends to view as valid phenomena) are that 1) I was able to predict the exact amount of money that my brand of cigarrettes went up at my local store 2) had a premonition that my friend would eat half of my candybar (which he did, I found when I woke up) lol and on the more serious end of phenomena, I actually woke up from a rather vivid dream about my dog that recently died and when I woke up, I actually saw his spirit!!!

You don't have to get the book to mediate, record and analyze dreams and life's little "coincidences". And you don't need the book to meditate on your brown chakra or visualize a space for you to have medium experiences. If you'd like to do these exercises on your own and if you yield any results, I'd love for you to post them here on LJBOS so we can share and compare experiences.

Nov. 18th, 2010


The Merry Meet... please forgive the journal x posting!

My name is El and I wanted to invite you all to join in a brand new world wide pagan community project.

The Merry Meet!


Created by the Pagan Community, for the Pagan Community.

Where pagans, psychics and alternative spiritual types connect from around the globe!

Create your profile, make a group and forum for your coven, join other pagans and spiritual folk in intelligent conversation on our forums, share images, music and stories or simply connect with new and old friends.

You can even create and promote your events or your pagan related business!

The Merry Meet is here to bring together our community with Love, Joy and Wisdom. We're still brand new and slowly ironing out the kinks so please be patient with us!


(somewhat x-posted. Apologies!)

Nov. 9th, 2010



30 days of Paganism

Is anyone else participating in this meme? I've been reading a few people's blogs on these and I've been enjoying not only the different responses but the different ways in which people read the question or topic, and the different things they choose to focus on in the way they respond.

I've already written a pathways thread for my form of Hedgecraft but not for my Heathenry, and this is a good way for me to flesh out the solid understanding I have of how these two paths form my religious practice, how they function together and as separate paths, etc.

I'll leave the meme here under a cut for those who haven't come across it yet - though the one I got my hands on may have been changed slightly from the original meme as different people I know have changed the topics very slightly to individualise them for their own responses.
30-day meme list under the cutCollapse )

Nov. 1st, 2010


Good Tidings: Thoughts and Wishes for the New Year

Dear Community,
I hope that your Samhain was a good one and that your new year started with gaiety, merriment, friendship, health, and good fortune. May all of these things be plentiful throughout the coming year and the changing seasons.

Through observation of Nature, we're taught that life in and of itself waxes and wanes. Everything changes all of the time. Nothing is static and nothing is guaranteed except the consistency of the cycles of ebbs and flows but how magickal and how beautiful it all is. Nature may not always be as we want it to be but it always makes perfect sense in the laws that govern it down to the tiniest intricacies woven into its design. Though, like any other year, you're bound to be at times, completely illuminated by the moonlight and ,at other times, wrapped in darkness and in seeming absence of what once was so bright, we know that we're never alone. What seemed inconsistent and unreliable was , in fact, part of a great cycle observable only to those that have taken the time to see it. What once seemed so chaotic was actually full of predictability and reason. What once was seemingly random and pointless, was in fact, part of a great cosmic design. So let us always be patient; let us be secure in the waxing and waning times this year with full knowlege that every phase is meaningful unto itself and a necessary precursor to the next step; let us always have the ability to take a step back and look for Life's great cosmic design; let us trust in Nature's orderly cycles and reassuring laws ; let us be ever mindful of the reasons to be grateful for all of these things and let us always see and cherish the beautiful ride.



P.S I'd love to hear your awesome experiences from this Samhain

Jul. 29th, 2010


The Nurturing Path

Greetings Everyone! I haven't posted here in quite a while and this community isn't very active anymore. Still I hope that a few of you will see this post and tolerate my ramblings. Kinda long...sorry lolCollapse )

My path had led me to Buddhism years back and still is a major part of how I perceive and brave my way through this world but long ago, I studied occult books and paganism and I'm always rather amazed how it resurfaces when life gets more difficult than usual. Its as if it runs through my very veins and is present in every cell in my body. Its tattooed on the very heart of me and beats quietly in perfect unison with the rest of my spiritual beliefs.

It was a beautiful experience that after one of the more traumatic experiences of my life, that I could still feel safe and warm and taken care of in the action of casting a circle and doing a ritual. It was VERY natural even after not revisiting it for quite a while. I felt the love and protection of the mysterious masculine/feminine spirit of the Universe. It was nourishing. It was beautiful and very much alive. This entry has no other real purpose than to express my gratitude for this and hopefully inspire a sense of great power, comfort, and resiliance that your Pagan path is offering you.

And since I'm famous for questions.... (Ah if you were here from the beginning you know that this was coming lol) Memories: Can you name an instance or a specific ritual that caused you to awaken to a sense of a conscious and supreme knowlege that your pagan path offered you a powerful sense of comfort and fortitude? What lead to the realization? I ask this because I tend to think that many people leave Paganism because its so wide open and you can't open a single book of doctrine such as the bible to remind you of why you should experience comfort on this path. I always find it fascinating to hear of the ways that people find that feeling even without the convenient tools that other religions utilize to remind and inspire.


Jan. 28th, 2010

magic, wicca, herbs, witch, pagan


Concerning my last post...

My last post was met with some amount of hostility, and while some of the feedback was harsh I feel it was well deserved. Nothing drives me more than criticism. That said, I have revised the article into a manner that I hope is less dogmatic and just more informative.

After re-reading the article this morning, as I was trying to tweak it, I found many sections where my own fears and anger of past circumstances were glaring me in the face. This is not my intention for Craft Haven--to rant, and point fingers. I merely wish to be educational and to provide comfort to those seeking it. I will be more diligent here on out to make sure that I do not offend people. I am not naive in thinking that I can please everyone, but these past few hours have shown me that I can do much better.

If you wish to read the revised article, please refer to my last post for the link.

Jan. 27th, 2010

magic, wicca, herbs, witch, pagan


Pagan Sexuality

So recently I wrote an article about pagan sexuality. It was successful to a large degree. My goal was to be as upfront about the subject as I could be. You hear of so many people who mark sex as taboo, or they are at the very least embarrassed about the subject.

Why is this? The idea of sex ranges from an oppressed 'I am a sinner' view, to the carefree 'sex is a hobby' view. Where's the balance? I understand that the majority of people today grow up in households with parents whose best idea to keep their kid from 'promiscuity' is to tell them how wrong and disgusting sex is. What a mind trip!

I was part of a Christian family in my teens. My hormones were running wild around age seventeen. I was already inclined to be a 'rebel' and I can only imagine if my parents told me the above viewpoint. No doubt, I would only have gone to see for myself. Yet, I'm not like everybody. There are some people who take what their parents say as gospel (excuse the pun) and end up with their entire outlook on a life of love, tainted to a depressing degree.

What comes as a surprise is the look on peoples faces when they read that having safe and responsible sex is enjoyable. It widens peoples eyes with an expression of, "really?". Yes, really. Outside of being a responsible, loving adult, I don't feel that there should be any other sex rule. Sex is natural and should be enjoyed, not shunned. You shouldn't have to feel bad about it.

There are many other avenues I discussed in the article. If you would like to read it, just click here.

Jan. 26th, 2010

magic, wicca, herbs, witch, pagan



Hello everyone! This is officially my first post to this community, so I thought I would introduce myself. My pen/craft name is Marcus Briarstone, and I am a writer for a pagan informational website known as Craft Haven.

I am male, 26 years of age, and identify myself as an eclectic pagan. I do not follow a specific path as I find courage, strength, and harmony with most forms of earthen spirituality. I write to inform people of pagan history, celebrations, recipes, spells, and ultimately our common ground with many other faiths. It is through such that I find a sense of contentment; I drive myself to constantly update the website and provide accurate information through it, as well as my tweets on Twitter, and my posts here on Livejournal.

The website is a baby for now. There is a ton of work to do. My goal is to have it fully fleshed out with several hundred articles by the end of this summer--accurate and thought provoking articles.

I hope you all have a grand day. Thank you for reading this.

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